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WHO $100,000 grant to extend task shifting programme in Liberia

To train a further 8 senior midwives in advanced obstetrics including surgery such as Caesarean section

September 2015

Following the results of the training of the first two midwives, Hannah Gibson and Naomi Lewis in CB Dunbar Hospital led by Dr Obed Dolo, consultant obstetrician, agreement has now been given by the Liberian Ministry of Health and Liberian Medical and Dental Council to extend the training to 7 new midwives and one physician assistant.  After consultation with and funding by our partners  WHO, the first 6 of these new trainees were appointed after a rigorous selection procedure held at UNFPA a new partner to the programme.  These 6 trainees have now completed a Foundation Course in Basic Surgical Skills, Pelvic Anatomy and Ultrasound Scanning for Obstetrics and started their apprenticeship based work at CB Dunbar and Redemption Hospitals.


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