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Latest news from MCAI

MCAI ends Gambian Programme after 13 years of life-saving support



20 June 2019

MCAI ends Cameroon Programme after 19 years of successful support



19 January 2018

MCAI’s Liberian task-shifting project on film

Al Jazeera's, The Cure, features MCAI's Liberian task shifting project.

See the film.

See Al Jazeera article about the project.

Updated 26 July 2016

MCAI surgical scrubs welcomed by obstetric clinical trainees in Liberia

Senior midwife and trainee obstetric clinician, Lucretia K Koko, is delighted to model our new uniforms for the operating theatre and labour ward at Redemption Hospital, Liberia where she is also the Assistant Supervisor in obstetrics and gynaecology.

28 May 2016

MCAI joins Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

MCAI is delighted to be approved as a member of the WHO umbrella organisation PMNCH.

7 April 2016

The UK should provide sanctuary to unaccompanied child refugees

MCAI Trustees call on the UK Government to reverse its recent decision not to provide sanctuary and protection for unaccompanied child refugees in Europe.

3 May 2016

UN Security Council resolution condemning attacks on health workers and facilities

The IHPI, the subsidiary advocacy arm of MCAI, welcomes and fully supports today’s UN Security Council resolution that condemns attacks on health workers and facilities and sets out a course to secure compliance with international law and end impunity.

The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (of which the IHPI is a founder member) has released a statement regarding this resolution.

3 May 2016

MCAI’s Founder and Honorary Medical Director, Professor David Southall, is interviewed by the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Professor Southall answered a pro-forma set of questions in the journal’s well-read BMJ Confidential section.

2 April 2016

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