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Time is precious, so make yours count with MCAI. As a volunteer, your gift of time, skills and experience will extend MCAI's capacity to overcome poverty and suffering. It is MCAI's aim that volunteers gain satisfaction from their time volunteering and that the relationship is one of mutual benefit.

MCAI Fellowship in Advanced Obsteric Training for The Gambia
​Why do people volunteer for MCAI?


Apart from wanting to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering, people are inspired and motivated to work for MCAI for different reasons:

Students - as part of your course placement or work experience.  

​Between jobs - a couple of months to spare before starting a new job.

​Retirement - making good use of years of expertise.

​Special interest/skill - which can make a valuable contribution to MCAI's work.

​Spare time - a few hours a week to get involved in something different and rewarding.

Whatever your reason is, we would love to hear from you.

Support MCAI by using your handicraft skills. 


We need volunteers to sew Kalafong wraps for new mums or knit newborn baby hats and blankets



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