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Raise funds for MCAI with Recycling for Good Causes

You can support MCAI and look after the environment, by responsibly disposing of all kinds of unwanted items.

Valuables, Coinage and Electronics
  • Jewellery - odd earrings, broken chains, costume jewellery, watches. Plastic, paste, wood, bronze, gold, silver and metal can all be recycled.


  • Banknotes - Old/New UK and Foreign Banknotes. Any unwanted currency from ANY country and of any age, so all of those obsolete pre-euro notes and coins are a perfect start!


  • Coins, Stamps, Antiques, Mobile Phones, Electronic items and Gadgets.

Jewellery and Banknotes can be sent direct to our recycling partners.


Simply Wrap, Pack & Send! - use your own envelope or jiffy bag and post free of charge to:


MCAI (Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy International)
B77 4RP


For all other items, please contact the UK office on 01445 781354 and

MCAI can also recycle most printer cartridges

Click here for a list of suitable cartridges.

If you have more than 20 toner cartridges please contact We will arrange collection of suitable cartridges via our cartridge recycling partners, Takeback Limited.

If you have fewer than twenty inkjet cartridges, we can provide recycling bags, which can be filled and posted free of charge.


We collect ink cartridges and all other items for recycling at our offices at Poolewe Village Hall. 
We are happy to arrange collection locally.

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