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Download our books as HTML

We understand the internet can be slow, so in addition to the PDF version of our textbook, to help you access life saving information, we have also produced HTML files of the textbook in sections that will be easier to download in areas where the internet connection struggles with large files. Our low bandwidth site allows you to view HTML files, and they are also listed below.

Please consider donating to this project and support us in providing valuable resources to front line healthcare workers, enabling them to save the lives of pregnant women, babies and children.

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The purpose of adding our books to the website for download, is to make this life-saving, up-to-date information available to all who need it.  We hope that this educational material will assist you to carry out your vital work.

While we encourage other organisations to use our online resources, in order to prevent out-of-date or altered editions of our publications from being accessed online, we do not allow MCAI publications to be posted on other sites (in PDF or any other form) without our explicit permission. This stipulation is vital to protect the accuracy of the medical content..

It is prohibited to sell or distribute these files in any format for profit. 

Please credit MCAI if using these materials in educational settings.

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