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Armed conflict, emergencies and refugees

Published articles​​​

The International Health Protection Initiative IHPI
Dr Rhona MacDonald and Professor
David Southall
Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy


Presentation to International Neonatal conference. Imperial College 29 November 2011


Armed conflict women and girls who are pregnant, infants and children; a neglected public health challenge. What can health professionals do?

An article by Professor David Southall addressing needs of pregnant women and girls, infants and children in situations of armed conflict.

Violence against healthcare must end: its a matter of life and death
Dr Rhona MacDonald writes in PLoS Medicine about the new ICRC campaign


Aid access to Somalia:there must be no hidden agenda to humanitarianism

Dr Rhona MacDonald describes the recent agreement of an armed group in Somalia to permit international organisations to provide aid to massive numbers of ill and starving people.  The armed group makes it clear that there must be no "hidden agenda" over the aid given.  Dr MacDonald references the recent alleged CIA led pretend immunisation programme designed to fulfil military objectives in Pakistan as an example of the potentially dangerous impact of hi-jacking humanitarianism. The article also stresses the importance of protecting health (including nutrition) during armed conflict.


A new resolution on health protection during armed conflict

Dr Rhona MacDonald describes the International Health Protection Initiative


Homeless in their Homeland (PDF, 430KB)
Care for internally displaced persons in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan (NWFP)
June 2009


A moving story of 'Teaching Tamil Tigers'

John S Whitehall
Published in the Medical Journal of Australia


First do no harm: the impact of recent armed conflict on maternal and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa (PDF, 108KB)

Bernadette A M O’Hare, David P Southall
J R Soc Med 2007;100:564–570


When the hospital is two tents, a table and a chair (PDF, 24KB)
Beatrix Campbell
The Herald. 18 October 2005


Failures of emergency relief (PDF, 320KB)

DP Southall
Journal Of The Royal Society Of Medicine
December 2005 Volume 98 Number 12 ISSN 0141-0768


Integrating health care for mothers and children in refugee camps and at district level (PDF, 144KB)
Hafeez A, Riaz R, Ullah Shah S, Pervaiz J, Southall D.BMJ Volume 328 3 April 2004

Suicidal feelings run high among mothers in refugee camps: a cross-sectional survey (PDF, 74KB)  Rahman A, Hafeez A.  Acta Psychiatr Scand: July 2003: 108: 392-393

Mental health services for war-affected children. Report of a survey in Kosovo (PDF, 209KB)

Lynne Jones, Alban Rrustemi, Mimoza Shahini and Aferdita Uka.  British Journal of Psychiatry. 2003: 183, 540-546.

Empty arms: the effects of the arms trade on mothers and children

Southall D P, O’Hare B.  BMJ 2002:325:1457-1461 20th December.

Refugee children need coordinated care  D P Southall, M E Black M E.  BMJ. 1993; 307:1576-77.

Strategies to protect children from the effects of war. International Child Health (PDF, 884KB)

Southall D P, McMaster P, McMaster H, Plunkett M.
October 1995:6:111-116.

Parent and young person held child health record and advice booklets and their use in Bosnia and Herzegovena (PDF, 1.46MB)  McMaster P, McMaster H, Simunovic V, Selimovic N, Southall D P.

International Child Health. October 1995:6:121-131.

A programme for improving the health care of mothers and children during the war in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF, 2.29MB)

Southall D, McMaster P, McMaster H, Muhiudeen H, Chappell P, Hewertson J, Macintosh I, Marinaki K.
International Child Health. October 1995:6:95-110.

Medical Evacuation from Mostar (PDF, 541KB)

Southall DP, Ellis J, McMaster P, McMaster H, Willock A, Plunkett M.
The Lancet. 1996: 347: 244-245.

Protecting children from armed conflict (PDF, 31KB)

Southall D P, Abbasi K.
Br Med J. 1998: 316: 1549-1550

Personal child health record and advice booklet programme in Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina (PDF, 795KB)  McMaster P, McMaster H, Southall D P.

Royal Society of Medicine. 1996:89:202-204.

The effects of war on children (PDF, 1.73MB)

Plunkett M C B, Southall D P.
Current Paediatrics 1996:6:211-216.

Children and war (PDF, 973KB)  

Plunkett M C B, Southall D P.  Ambulatory Child Health (1997)3: 162-169.

War and Children (PDF, 1.34MB)  

Plunkett M C B, Southall D P.  Arch Dis in Childhood. Jan 1998 : 78 : 72-77.

Protecting children from armed conflict (PDF, 32KB)  

Southall D P, Abbasi K.  Br Med J. 1998: 316: 1549-1550.

21st Century Health Care for Children in Afghanistan (PDF, 286KB)  Sogan D, Bridel J, Arzomund M, Shepherd C, Southall D.  Pediatrics. 1998: 102; 1193-1198.

Pity the children (PDF, 1.2 MB)

David Southall calls on the United Nations to establish an international police force to protect the youngest victims of war
Southall D.
New Statesman. 21 August 1998.


Can children be protected from war? (PDF)

Southall D and Carballo M.British Medical Journal December 7th 1996


Dissertation on child soldiers  (PDF)

Dr Oliver Ross


Protecting the right to health of internally displaced mothers and children  (PDF)

Bile KM, Hafeez A, Kazi GN, Southall DP  EMHJ 2011

Kabul Diary (PDF, 363KB)

Kamran Abbasi visit to Afghanistan with Honorary Medical Director of CAI


BMJ 1998; 317  8 August 1998

Article in the British Medical Journal June 6th 2017

Ending the international arms trade could reduce terrorism and prevent death of civilians


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