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Advocacy in healthcare for mothers and children

Published articles​​​

​The opportunity costs of aid (PDF, 115KB)

Bernadette O`Hare, Dr David Southall.  26 January 2009.  BMJ 2009; 338: a3136


​Birth preparedness and the role of the private sector: a community survey (PDF, 133KB)

Zaeem ul Haq, Assad Hafeez, Asifa Khanum, David Southall
Journal of Pakistan Medical Association Vol. 59, No. 5, May 2009


A Pilot Study to Determine if Nurses Trained in Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Would Impact the Outcome of Neonates Delivered in Kampala, Uganda (PDF, 316KB)

B. A. O‘Hare, M. Nakakeeto, and D. P. Southall
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, doi:10.1093/tropej/fml027

Child health in Africa: 2005 a year of hope? (PDF, 143KB)

National and international factors impacting on child health in Africa.
O’Hare B, Venables J, Southall D.


How ‘Child Friendly’ are you? (PDF, 96KB)

Clarke A, Nicholson S.
Paediatric Nursing Vol 13 No. 5 June 2001.


The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative (CFHI): Healthcare Provision in Accordance With the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (PDF, 418KB) Southall DP, Burr S, Smith R, Radford A, Williams A, Nicholson S.  Pediatrics. 2000: 106: 1054-1064.


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