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​Saving and improving the lives of seriously ill pregnant women, babies, and children in low-resource settings since 1995


Ukraine program

Since February 2022, MCAI has been  supporting mothers, babies and their families in Ukraine, following the continued attempts by Russia to destroy their country.  

 Here is a PowerPoint presentation that summarises progress to date in a program undertaken in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, The Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and The Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine. 

Please click here for a PDF of this presentation

MCAI Books

Since April 2020, MCAI has developed four handbooks on hospital care in low resource settings. Handbooks 1 and 2 involve the care of children with serious illnesses and injuries, including adolescent girls who are pregnant. These two handbooks form part of a curriculum for a new task sharing program to train the first ever 6 paediatric clinicians in Liberia in partnership with UNICEF, WHO and The Ministry of Health. They have been edited and authored by experienced volunteer doctors and nurses working in hospitals and emergency care centres in low resource settings and areas of armed conflict and displacement throughout the world.

Handbook 3 addresses advanced hospital care for newborn infants and handbook 4 addresses advanced hospital care for pregnant women and adolescent girls.

In addition to the PDFs available here for download, printed versions of these latest 4 handbooks are being prepared and, subject to funding, will be provided free of charge to nurses, midwives and doctors in as many low resource and emergency settings as soon as possible.

All books are available to download nowincluding the latest two handbooks on advanced hospital care for children.

  • Handbook 1: Emergency Illnesses and Major Injuries Affecting Infants and Children; Including Adolescent Girls Who Are Pregnant. August 2021

Download (PDF, 15.0 MB)​

  • Handbook 2: Serious Illnesses in Infants and Children; Including Adolescent Girls Who Are Pregnant. August 2021

Download (PDF, 14.9 MB)

  • Handbook of Hospital Care for Newborn Infants. May 2022

Download (PDF, 6.9 MB)

Updated chapter on neonatal resuscitation June 2022

Download (PDF 1.1MB)

  • Handbook of Obstetrics

Download (PDF, 14.8 MB)


Supplement to the Handbook of Obstetrics March 2023

Download (PDF, 0.7MB)

Summary of latest data from the National Task Sharing Programme in Liberia and development of a similar approach to providing advanced maternity care in Afghanistan.

This poster prepared for ECOWAS meeting in late November 2021 summarises progress to date in Liberia.


Discussions have now started with our former partners in Afghanistan concerning two actions which we hope will benefit the future hospital care for pregnant women, newborn babies and children, especially in the hard-to-reach areas of this country. 


1. The printing and distribution of 1000 copies of the new handbooks, described on the left, to doctors caring for seriously ill pregnant women, newborn babies and children throughout the country.


2. Development of an advanced maternity care training programme for the education of obstetric clinicians able to manage major medical and surgical emergencies in rural hospitals in Afghanistan.  This pilot programme will empower women and ensure that all pregnant adolescent girls and women have access without delay to advanced medical and surgical care. 


Training will focus on recently qualified female doctors, female medical students and senior female midwives and involve two components; apprenticeship-based training by existing senior obstetricians in Afghanistan and weekly tutorial based training, along with examinations, undertaken using Zoom and other internet based platforms by volunteer experts in Obstetrics in the UK.  This training plan has been successful in Liberia, as summarised in the Liberian poster and abstract above.


25th September 2019. Video reporting on a major success by the maternal emergency care team in the management of a near-maternal-death at The Martha Tubman Memorial Government Hospital in Grand Gedeh County in Liberia. Watch the video.

Latest progress on task-sharing in Liberia

Latest updates on the implementation of the Liberian partnership on Task-Sharing which began in 2014 between MCAI and The Ministry of Health, WHO, UNICEF, Irish Aid, UNFPA, DAK, ALSG and Edinburgh University.


MCAI's 2020 safeguarding policy including UNICEF's Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) programme

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