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Special Advisors

Diane Watson MBBCh, FRCA

Special Advisor in Medical Ethics and Obstetric Anaesthesia

Dr Diane Watson is a long-term volunteer for MCAI. In October 2016, Diane also became MCAI’s special advisor in Medical Ethics. She has a well-established special interest in medical ethics, having written the chapter on medical ethics in MCAI’s textbook and contributed to MCAI’s training course on medical ethics and professional standards. Diane has also attended the moral medicine course at Cardiff University.


Diane is also one of a small number of experts in advanced obstetrics who is involved in teaching obstetric clinicians in Liberia using an audio-visual education system.  She not only undertakes regular teaching, but is also responsible for marking the weekly examinations resulting from the distance-learning programme.


Diane is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Royal Gwent Hospital, South Wales, working there since 1999. Diane has worked as a volunteer with both MCAI, and our partner ALSG, since 2004, developing teaching materials and instructing at courses in Pakistan, Liberia, and The Gambia. She is also a member of the joint Strengthening Emergency Care Committee with ALSG.


Diane’s key volunteer role for MCAI is to store and arrange the distribution of our textbooks and pocket books and regularly parcels up large boxes of books to be distributed to low-resource settings around the world.


Diane has also worked for MSF in Sri Lanka (in 2002) and during her anaesthetic training, spent a year in Durban, South Africa at a public hospital, including 6 months specialising in obstetric anaesthesia.

Diane Watson
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