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SATIN project (feminine hygiene pack for new mums in Liberia)

Support MCAI to prevent new mums contracting a life-threatening infection by providing each new mum with a feminine hygiene pack.

MCAI is working on a ground breaking project to improve maternal and neonatal mortality in Liberia and as part of the monitoring and evaluation for this project it was shown that puerperal sepsis (a serious form of septicaemia) also know as childbed fever is causing many deaths.  It could be prevented with the help of sanitary pads available during the first 7 to 10 days after birth.

Motherhood should be a joyful and positive experience but for many new mums living in poverty it means instead of going to the store to buy pads, they resort to whatever is available free; normally old rags.  Without this basic sanitary item new mums are at risk of serious and frequently life-threatening or fatal infection.

How we are solving this:


MCAI want to provide a feminine hygiene pack for new mothers in Liberia, which will include maternity pads, small soap and flannel.


How you can help


We've got lots of ideas for fundraising and we will support you all the way.



Donate maternity pads, soap, flannels or all three!


Maternity pads are easy to make and you can use recycled materials​.
Our first SATIN project hygiene packs were trialed in June. We are waiting for feedback to ensure that the packs are suitable for their purpose.   T​hank you for all the donations.
Your donation will help MCAI improve the healthcare for women and girls. Thank you.
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