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Textbook Hospital Care for £45
  • Textbook Hospital Care for £45

    International Maternal and Child Health Care - A practical manual for hospitals worldwide.

    An in-depth practical textbook for health workers in low resource settings

    This over 900 page book has 9 in depth sections.

    Section 1: General issues regarding hospital care (page 2-133)
    Section 2: Pregnancy-related problems (136-328)
    Section 3: Neonatal care (330-378)
    Section 4: Children in hospital (380-420)
    Section 5: The child presenting with a system or organ dysfunction (422-637)
    Section 6: Infections in hospital (640-760)
    Section 7: Major injuries in pregnancy and childhood (762-834)
    Section 8: Procedures in children and newborn infants (835-875)
    Section 9: Appendix

    All available to download individually as PDF

    The book weighs 3.2kg

    SHIPPING NOTE: If you need to purchase several books totally more than 25kg - you will only be charged a £2.50 handling fee at checkout and then invoiced separately for shipping cost once we have arranged the most cost effective method of dispatch. We assure you that this is to save you money on shipping.
    • Details

      This book is based on the latest evidence and guidelines available, including Cochrane reviews and WHO guidelines. This book attempts to build on existing efforts and seeks to further identify an internationally applicable minimum standard of healthcare in these poorly resourced hospitals and to reflect the management of problems inherent in low-resource, disadvantaged hospitals. It suggests global minimum standards, both in the treatments given, but also in the medical ethics which should be practised in caring for these particularly vulnerable patients.

      Buy choosing to buy copies of this book you help to fund providing front line healthcare workers with copies in low resource settings worldwide.

      The vision of our authors and editors relates to the provision of books providing useful reference for all health workers in all settings to help them provide the best clinical management for their patients in addition to highlighting basic minimum standard of care in all hospitals.
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