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WASHwatch helping to hold governments to account on their commitments to the fundamental foundations of health pdf 

Rhona MacDonald


Encouraging developments for universal access to health care pdf ​

Rhona MacDonald

Freely available review of randomised trials in child health pdf ​

Rhona MacDonald


The business of vaccines  pdf ​

Rhona MacDonald


Dreadful Deauville disappoints on health pdf ​  Rhona MacDonald
Sri Lanka's killing fields pdf ​

Rhona MacDonald


Cuban doctors overlooked champions. pdf ​  Rhona MacDonald
Sustainability not all that matters: lessons from Cameroon 
Archives of Disease in Childhood, Volume 11, Issue 36, September 2010.
Originally published on  Alison Earley
What is Child Advocacy International up to now?   click here
ICHG News 2005
Management of emergencies in maternal and child health in poorly resourced countries click here
ICHG Newsletter Autumn meeting 2003
Conflict and health
ICHG newsletter Autumn meeting 2011


Child Advocacy International (CAI) in Cameroon (PDF, 430KB)  Alison Earley.  ICHG News, Volume 2, Issue 3, November 2006


Two months in Quetta (PDF, 116KB)  Dr Kim Cheetham​​


John Bridson: making a difference (PDF, 93KB)
Charles Essex talks to John Bridson, whose international career only started after he retired.  John Bridson.  BMJ 7 May 2005​


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