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Strengthening the hospital care systems

Since the project started in Liberia in February 2012, MCAI has provided large amounts of essential drugs, medical and surgical supplies and surgical instruments to the hospitals in which we have been working. MCAI has also provided emergency equipment such as portable ultrasound scanners, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, nasal CPAP and neonatal platform incubators for resuscitation. With support from UNFPA we have provided 500 MCAI textbooks and 1500 MCAI pocketbooks for doctors and other front-line health workers in all hospitals in Liberia.


During the Ebola epidemic, MCAI and ALSG, with additional donations from the British Medical Association, Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide and Diamedica provided a generator that will provide sufficient oxygen for the two hospitals in Bong County as well as for hospitals in adjacent counties. Prior to this, the hospitals had to obtain oxygen in cylinders by road from the capital city, Monrovia. In addition at this time, a 40 foot container of supplies and equipment was shipped from the UK to Monrovia. And in mid-September 2014,  MCAI’s Honorary Medical Director, Professor David Southall, travelled to Liberia to oversee transfer of the contents to the hospitals in Bong County.  The acquisition of equipment and transfer to the hospitals in Bong County (Phebe County and CB Dunbar Maternity) was undertaken with the invaluable help of David Parker, Honorary British Consul, Quyan Harris and Harmonis International and Dr Sibley and Dr Dolo, the medical directors of the two hospitals.  Equipment for the container was provided by Sally Sibley in Upton Hospital Slough and Dr Kent Thorburn from Alderhey Children's Hospital in Liverpool as well as by MCAI.


We have renovated and built extensions to the Emergency Room at the regional hospital at Phebe in Bong County. The renovated and extended Emergency Room at Phebe Hospital was opened in November 2013.  Dr Sibley, the medical Director of the hospital, received an award for over-seeing this successful development.


In addition air conditioners have been installed in the maternity wards at CB Dunbar hospital.


MCAI is applying for grants to renovate the neonatal and critical care units at Phebe County Hospital.

Oxygen generator, Phebe Hospital

Crate contains oxygen equipment for Phebe Hospital.  Back left is Dr Jefferson Sibley – Medical Director of Phebe Hospital. 

Delivery of consignment to Phebe Hospital

Neonatal resuscitaires and platform incubator from Alderhey Hospital inside warehouse at Phebe.

New oxygen equipment at Phebe Operating Theatre.  Pictured left to right: Aaron Sonah – Nurse Anaesthetist, Head of Critical Care.  Jeremiah Akoi – MCAI Logistician.  Akoi Miller – Nurse Anaesthetist.  All had been working throughout the outbreak.

Three nurses in the critical care unit at Phebe Hospital, opened in 2014.  Pictured centre in dark blue is Peter S Sumo, Head Nurse in charge of the unit. 

Aaron Sonah with neonatal resuscitaire and platform incubator in the  critical care unit at Phebe Hospital.

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