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Iodine deficiency

Published articles​​​

Treatment of Iodine Deficiency in School-Age Children Increases Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF)-I and IGF Binding Protein-3 Concentrations and Improves Somatic Growth (PDF, 87KB)
Michael B. Zimmermann, Pieter L. Jooste, Ngoako Solomon Mabapa, Xikombiso Mbhenyane, Serina Schoeman, Ralf Biebinger, Noureddine Chaouki, Maksim Bozo, Lindita Grimci, and John Bridson
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 92(2):437–442


​Iodine supplementation improves cognition in iodine-deficient schoolchildren in Albania: a randomized, controlled, double-blind study (PDF, 118KB)

Michael B Zimmermann, Kevin Connolly, Maksim Bozo, John Bridson, Fabian Rohner, and Lindita Grimci
Am J Clin Nutr 2006;83:108 –14


Severe Iodine Deficiency in Southern Albania (PDF, 55KB)

Zimmermann M B, Bridson J, Bozo M, Grimici L, Selimaj V, Tanner M S.
Int. J. Vitam. Nutr. Res. 73 (5), July 2003 © Hogrefe & Huber Publishers


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