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Introduction to MCAI’s work

Our Strengthening Emergency Health Care Programme aims to overcome the many barriers faced by women, children, babies, and infants when seeking appropriate and timely care and takes a practical rights-based approach to health care.


The programme involves training different types of health workers in the emergency management of babies, children, and pregnant women, renovating 

and refurbishing health facilities, providing medical equipment, supplies, and emergency medicines, and organising transport systems to take seriously ill patients to health facilities.


A recent addition to our Strengthening Emergency Health Care Programme is apprenticeship based training, in which international expert volunteers and national trainers do “on the job” training of local doctors and midwives in advanced obstetrics. This work is mainly, although not exclusively, focussed on remote and rural areas, where access to quality health care is limited.

Training doctors, midwives, and nurses on our Emergency Maternal & Neonatal Health Care at Phebe Hospital, Liberia

We have pioneered several life-saving innovations, such as our current programme in Liberia that trains local experienced midwives in advanced obstetrics, including performing Caesarean Sections. And our practical educational resources, such as our textbook, International Maternal & Child Health Care: a practical manual for hospitals worldwide and pocketbooks (neonatal and obstetric) have educated and empowered health workers worldwide.


Claudine Grace supported as an outstanding midwife in CHUK University Teaching Hospital in Rwanda receives a neonatal and obstetric pocket book donated to this public hospital. (Thanks to Anne Jones, Clinical Nurse Mentor in Pediatrics at the hospital). 


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