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Introduction to MCAI

Initially called Child Advocacy International (CAI), we changed our name to MCAI in 2009 to better reflect our work. In 2012, we moved the charity from Nottingham, England, to the Highlands of Scotland and since then, MCAI has been registeredwith the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) rather than the Charity Commission of England and Wales (where MCAI was registered from 1995-2012).


Over the past twenty years, we have worked in 11 countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon,The Gambia, Kosovo, Liberia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Zambia. Our work has been driven by the needs of babies, children, and pregnant women living in these countries and strengthened by our experience in scaling up and rolling out innovative programmes to improve maternal and child health. We currently have active programmes in Liberia and The Gambia.

Ugandan midwives training in neonatal resuscitation

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