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ESS-EMNCH manual (English)

Essential Surgical Skills with special emphasis on Emergency Maternal, Neonatal & Child Healthcare Training.  The Practical Approach to Emergencies in the Pregnant Mother, Newborn Infant and Child.  Last updated: September 2013

Download sections in English:


Front Cover Liberia (PDF, 1.4MB)


Front Cover the Gambia

(PDF, 1.8MB)


Full contents listing for Liberia

(PDF, 233KB)


Full contents listing for the Gambia

(PDF, 201KB)


Introduction (PDF,12KB)

Appendix (PDF, 545KB)​


2. Principles of Managing Emergencies In The Mother And Child: assessment and triage (PDF, 287KB)


1. Infection Prevention (PDF, 315KB)


4. Pain Management and Sedation (PDF, 459KB)


3. Drug And Fluid Administration and blood transfusion (PDF, 377KB)


5. Transport of Ill Patients (PDF, 111KB)


6. Basic Life Support (PDF, 1.2MB)


7. Advanced Life Support (PDF, 1.5MB)


8. The structured approach to the seriously ill or injured mothers, babies and children (PDF, 528KB)


9. Management of Emergencies in the Pregnant Mother (PDF, 2.2MB)


10A. Complications of labour and delivery - Part 1 (PDF, 1.6MB)


10B. Complications of labour and delivery - Part 2 (PDF, 1.00MB)


11. Care of the Newborn at Birth and Emergencies in the First Month of Life (PDF, 1.4MB)


12. Management of Paediatric Emergencies (PDF, 2.00MB)


​13. Serious Injury in the Infant, Child and Mother (PDF, 1.4MB)


14. Post operative care (PDF, 123KB)


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