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Child protection

Published articles​​​
Child Maltreatment & Abuse: Special Issue of Paediatrics and International Child Health.

(PDF 91.5KB) Editorial Dr David Southall & Dr Rhona Macdonald


Click here for press release


Editorial JRSM on protecting children from abuse by charity workers

(PDF 348KB) Southall D P. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 2012: 105: 499-500


How to distinguish between neglect and deprivational abuse (PDF, 73KB)

Golden M H, Samuels M P, Southall D P.  Arch Disease Childhood 2003:88:105-107.  Published document


Classification of child abuse by motive and degree rather than type of injury  (PDF, 100KB)

Southall D P, Samuels M P, Golden M H.  Arch Disease Childhood. 2003: 88:101-104.


The police should take the lead on protecting children from criminal abuse  (PDF, 21KB)

Southall D P, Samuels M P, Bridson J.  BMJ. 2003: 326:343.







Child abuse: stop the collusion and enhance the protection: CLICK HERE

Rhona MacDonald  Lancet December 2009


Covert Video Recordings of Life-threatening Child Abuse: Lessons for
Child Protection CLICK HERE

David Southall  PEDIATRICS Vol. 100 No. 5 November 1997


Interagency child protection document: CLICK HERE

MCAI 2012


Statement for the Pakistan Paediatric Association on the dangers of institutional care for children: CLICK HERE

MCAI 2012

Article in the British Medical Journal February 28th 2018

Rediscovering humanitarianism in the wake of the aid agencies scandal


Full article:

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