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​​​Situated in Central West Africa. Over half of the population of around 16 million are less than 20 years old. Infant and child mortality is high, and life expectancy is only 50 years. The lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 24, and 15% of children under 5 are classified as malnourished.​​

​Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission


The purpose of this programme is to reduce the transmission of HIV virus from infected mothers to their babies. Our nurses counsel mothers and then ensure that they and their babies are given the appropriate advice and medicines until they have finished breast-feeding, after which transmission from mother to baby is no longer a risk. Any babies infected with HIV then receive early treatment. A support group for parents helps with the emotional impact of living with this disease.


​Breast Milk Bank


Our Breast Milk Bank has been up and running in the neonatal unit at Bamenda Regional Hospital since 2006.  The premature babies that enter the neonatal unit are in serious need of nutrition and in some cases their mothers are unable to breast-feed.


​The Mother and Baby Unit


Bamenda Regional Hospital, North West Cameroon.

The perinatal mortality (death during pregnancy and just after) in Cameroon is more than 10 times that in the UK and a leading cause of death is infection.


​​Burkitt’s Lymphoma


MCAI has been funding the treatment of children with Burkitt lymphoma in the Government Hospital in Bamenda, Cameroon for the last 10 years.


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