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About us

MCAI is a non-political International Medical Charity

Saving lives of seriously ill pregnant women, children and babies since 1995


To save and improve the lives of babies, children and pregnant women in areas of extreme poverty. By empowering and enabling our in-country partners to strengthen emergency health care


For every baby, child, and pregnant woman to receive high quality emergency healthcare without delay


We believe that every woman, baby, and child has the right to access the high quality, safe, and effective health care they need in order to save, and improve, the quality of their lives - enabling them not only to live, but through empowerment and education, to have the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.  To this end, we believe in supporting public health systems and advocating for effective treatment to be accessible to all and free at the point of delivery.  We believe in, and are committed to, advocating for effective change at a local, governmental and international level.  We believe in, and are committed to, finding evidence-based, innovative solutions to the clinical and systems problems we identify.

We have six core values that underpin our work 



​​​W​e believe that every human life is equal.  No individual, group or society, is worth more or less than any other​​​​



​​​​​​​We believe in universal access to quality health care



We believe in , and are committed to, taking a whole systems approach firmly embedded in communities in order to effect change and sustain long-term improvements in health​



We believe our work should be based on evidence of effectiveness and where this information is lacking, we pursue innovative solutions



We believe that collaboration and partnership is essential for long-lasting healthcare improvements



We believe in individual and community participation to encourage ownership and achieve effective change



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